Wilkins Self Defence

Head Instructor
4th Degree Black Belt

Keeping the Flame Burning

Train With Heart and Spirit

Mark Wilkins is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Ed Parkers American Kenpo Karate. Mr Wilkins began his training in April 1981 studying Kenpo Karate under Professor Gary Ellis (who was then a 1st Degree Black Belt).

In 1982 Mr Wilkins met Senior Grand Master Ed Parker at a training seminar in Plymouth.  Few people today can say that they had that privilege.
After a break away for several years he rejoined the Kenpo family and Mr. Ellis in 1993.

He was tested and promoted to 1st Degree Black by Master John Sepulveda, Professor Gary Ellis and Mr. Mark Richards on 20th March 1999.

He was further tested and promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt on 14th December 2002 by Professor Gary Ellis and Professor Mark Richards.

Six months after passing his Black Belt Mr. Ellis asked Mr. Wilkins to open an Academy of his own.  The first Gary Ellis Black Belt ever to be given this honour.  On 3rd November 1999 the Academy was opened in Saltash, Cornwall.
As a member of Mr. Gary Ellis’ PKS (Progressive Kenpo Systems) he was appointed Director fo
Cornwall in 2001.  A fact he was very proud of. 

Over the years Mr Wilkins has trained and participated in International and Friendship Camps both here and abroad.  In May 2002 he had the honour of accompanying Mr. Ellis to Norkopping, Sweden to the International Viking Camp, which was hosted by Mr. Ingmar Johansson.

On the 19th June 2003 a second Academy was opened in Bere Ferrers, Devon at Mr. Ellis’ behest. 

In February 2004 Mr Wilkins became independent from the PKS organisation and now runs classes as Wilkins Self Defence (a Family Run Academy) with his brother Paul, wife Lesley, and sister Diane.  Mr Wilkins has been teaching people since 1997.

In 2007 Mr Wilkins was invited to attend the LTKKA World Championships in Madrid Spain, by 10th Degree Master Larry Tatum where he was promoted to 3rd Degree Black Belt.

2008 Mr. Wilkins is featured in the Kenpo Continnum book written by Amy Long of Sacramento Kenpo.

January 2013 Mr. Wilkins was promoted to 4th Degree Black Belt by 10th Degree Master Larry Tatum.